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CLIMATE WARMING Good questions & true answers

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Save the Climate

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"The earth is overheating, it can't take it any longer and will soon drive us out". Such statements, often accompanied by striking examples, abound. Is the world beginning to shake on its foundations?
If you ask the people around you about the options available to fight global warming, they will probably bring up wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, electric cars, along with statements on consumption patterns deemed excessive!
Some will add the role of coal, oil or, more rarely, gas, while ignoring the fact that the use of these "fuels" alone is responsible for 85% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, making them the real culprits in global warming.
The climate threat, however, is a perfectly circumscribed issue, in the face of which we are not as powerless as some would have us believe.
Numerous untruths are propagated by powerful financial or ideological interests that strive to conceal this reality. In this booklet, we seek to provide milestones that allow to untangle true from false, and identify the most urgent measures to be taken.