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Nathalie Raymond

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Contemplation and meditation on the Word of God are (or should be) the core of every Christian life and faith. Lectio divina is a contemplative practice by which monks and nuns ruminate on the Word throughout the day, which helps them uncover the seed of Life within it, sparking off their true conversion. They are also used to the contemplative form of the search for Beauty which is inseparable from the Truth. The Second Vatican Council encouraged this practice to go beyond the bounds of the cloister so that the whole People of God could drink from this Inexhaustible Source of Love. Cláudio Pastro (1948-2016), a great Brazilian artist who specialized in sacred art, became part of this movement launched by the Council in, by making the contemplation of Christ the focal point of his work – the Word made Flesh. Steeped in the Bible and patristic readings, imbued with the Benedictine spirituality, Pastro - as a man of God – embarked upon the search for Beauty and Truth and tried to offer this treasure of contemplation to as many people as possible. Each of his works represents a breath of divine Life. Each, with its simple and unadorned features, delves into the very heart of the verse of the Gospel which it illustrates and captures its vitality in essence, avoiding unessential detail. It is through this power, stripped of any unnecessary detail, that the Word and its illustration make their way directly to the reader’s heart. The presence in this book of the Gospel in different languages enriches lectio divina, leading to fraternal communion and reminding us of the universality of both the Word of God and the work of Cláudio Pastro..

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